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Technology as Competitive Advantage

Moving at the speed of digital, properly implementing ERP software will typically grow business bottom lines anywhere from 5% -12%. Plan for success and you can achieve your goals.

Profit From ERP

The right technology applied correctly cuts transactional costs and drives out hidden expenses while freeing staff to focus on revenue generating activities. With over 350 projects over the last 20 years, we know what makes companies successful, and what pitfalls to avoid. Studying successful project teams, we’ve isolated and replicated the structure, framework and methodology to take your project to the goal line.

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Determine Requirements

We gather front-line level detail on all your business data flows and transactional processes. This highlights inefficiencies, uncovers quick wins and sometimes finds blind spots that are easily addressed with the right process and software selection.

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Create Cost Benefit Models

We define the important factors that drive Profit From ERP, determining how, how much and where improvement will affect the bottom line – even before the project launches.

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Select Software

The roadmap for success leads to the right software. As a completely software agnostic advisory firm, we’re not limited to recommending ‘our’ solution, but finding your solution. Experience from over 350 software projects has produced a deep network of the very best national and international implementation teams. And it’s rare that our negotiated savings (beyond the typical month-end-discounts) don’t completely exceed our fees.

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Manage Implementation

Typical ERP Implementations are complex, time consuming and overwhelming – and today, more than ever – cloud based ERP is interfacing with multiple component software elements. You need someone who’s managed these projects regularly to both protect your budget and keep the original project goals front and center in the software design architecture and configuration.

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Optimize Results

Most software consultants disappear at go-live. There’s a reason we’re known as ‘Profit From ERP’ and not ‘Go-Live With ERP’. This is where the rubber really meets the road. Have we achieved the goals we set for the project? If not, why not? Is it a user adoption issue? Is training necessary? Does the software actually deliver what was promised? We address it all, until you too, Profit From ERP.

Case Studies

RESULT: Cut annual software maintenance by $800,000

WHO: A $25m biotech firm was paying too much for software upgrades and annual maintenance.

PROBLEM: 10 years ago, the only solution was a Tier One option that hadn’t grown or updated since 2006.

SOLUTION: Modern, cloud based component ERP created a higher functioning alternative saving the company $800,000 every year in maintenance and avoiding costly upgrades.


RESULT: Cut time to bid by 400%, which increased win rate by 22%

WHO: A national corporate infrastructure Engineer to Order (ETO) company with $18 million in annual revenue.

PROBLEM: Producing bids with various engineering and sales reviews was agonizingly slow during the critical buying phase of their clients.

SOLUTION: ERP with customized engineering configuration functionality cut time to bid by 400%, dramatically increasing sales efficiencies resulting in a 22% higher win ratio.


RESULT: Sped up implementation by 17% in a highly regulatory environment

WHO: An overseas biopharma firm with an annual revenue of $330 million completed clinical trials for the US market, but lacked the validated ERP controls required by the FDA

PROBLEM: Inexperience with process ERP used for pharma manufacturing, validation attempts kept uncovering flaws and creating re-work for the implementation team

SOLUTION: Fast tracking project plans used repeatedly in past pharma accounts along with careful project management cut implementation time by 17%.



RESULT: 22% sales increase in the first quarter

WHO: A $7m sports apparel company had zero inventory visibility.

PROBLEM: Repeated calls to HQ, hot selling items frequently out of stock, lead time from overseas manufacturer – all resulted in a hit-or-miss season and sales uncertainty

SOLUTION: ERP demand planning identified ‘hot’ items early and accurately forecasted available-to-sell quantities increasing future sales orders and enhanced production planning, dramatically increasing profitability in a short period of time.