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From 2011-2019, Profit From ERP was an independent ERP Software Selection Consulting group led by Gene Hammons.  The single focus: work with clients to increase revenues, cut costs and boost productivity using software projects and organizational change management. This is still our primary and only focus.  We believe all else follows if you keep your eye on that ball.  Given our client’s past experience with the implementation success and subsequent business growth – we opted to work primarily with NetSuite clients in 2019.

There is some value in un-biased software selection – and we also realize NetSuite may not be the right solution for every business.

That is why we now have a referral list of other Software Selection Consultants – who’s profiles and pictures will soon be listed on this page.  We are currently under discussion with existing consultants whom we know and respect from years in the business to join the Profit From ERP website as we hope to evolve to more of a portal for best practices in ERP of all types – sort of a Drudge Report for all things ERP.

We are currently in discussion with consultants in California, Seattle, Florida and other geographic locations. Eide Bailly also maintains a Software Selection Practice.

Gene Hammons will also continue to work in multi-vendor evaluations for clients who need additional help in this area. While not pretending to be completely unbiased, we do believe a great evaluation will result in a great decision, and of course have the unfair advantage of NetSuite being selected more often than not. So it is in our best interests that open honest discussions with multiple, experienced vendors will always be a service to our clients.


Gene Hammons

Gene Hammons, MBA

Senior Manager

Focused solely on ERP since 1998, Hammons has been involved with over 400 ERP projects in one aspect or another – and for clients in a variety of industries. Multiple certifications and employment with Oracle NetSuite, Lawson, Infor, Sage, Microsoft, Ross, Dassault and others led to an independent Software Selection Consulting Practice from 2011 – 2019 and was the genesis of the Profit From ERP website, concept, methodology and podcast. A 2018 Leading Writer for the tech side of the site Quora.com, Hammons has over 2.1m readers of all things ERP.

While an independent consultant, Hammons watched the rise of NetSuite and saw more and more clients selecting NetSuite regardless of industry or competing software projects. In mid 2019, he opted to join forces with his leading NetSuite implementation resource, Eide Bailly Technology. As a Senior Manager, he focuses on a client practice of Manufacturing, Distribution, Financials as well as continuing to pioneer the use of cloud ERP for emerging pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, leading that practice at Eide Bailly.

He is based in Phoenix AZ, supporting multiple Eide Bailly offices in Arizona, Colorado, California and surrounding areas.

Previous Experience

1980’s – VP of Administration and turnaround specialist for bio-pharma companies from Florida through Arizona – affecting change through the application of technology and enterprise software improvements.

25 years experience – with some of the leading global publishers of business enterprise software.

Formal Education

MBA, Arizona State University, 2000.
BA Stephen F Austin State University, 1980.

President, Sales Executives International, Florida Chapter,1995 -1996. Phoenix Chapter 2001.
Certified Marketing Executive (CME) 1994.

Contact Information Info@profitfromerp.com

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