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Since 2011, the Profit From ERP concept was an ERP Software Selection methodology.  The single focus: work with clients to increase revenues, cut costs and boost productivity using software projects and organizational change management. Make expensive software investments pay for themselves – thus the tagline – Our Clients Make ERP Pay! This is still our primary and only focus.  We believe all else follows if you keep your eye on that ball.   

Starting in about 2014, we began to see a change in software, from on-premise ERP to made-for-cloud ERP. Note the ‘made-for-cloud’ differentiation. Since ‘cloud ERP’ took off, every single major ERP provider has jumped on the cloud bandwagon with one traditional system or another ported to cloud in an attempt to try and compete. But there’s a real difference in traditional ERP, developed in the 80’s and 90’s, compared to software first coded in the internet era, in the early 2000’s.  Thus we continue an in-depth hands-on experience in made-for-cloud ERP Software.  

However, we learned long ago that every software fits somewhere. So we maintain a Coalition of Affiliate Partners – experts in different industries, different software technologies – and our goal is to bring expertise to any table, any industry, using any software. Partners we’ve used time and time again – because being all things to all people is a recipe for disaster – knowing the right people, well, they say it’s not what you know, but who you know – and with Profit From ERP, you get to know the best in the industry!





Gene Hammons

Gene Hammons, MBA

Director – Focused solely on ERP since 1998, and cloud ERP since 2014, Hammons has been involved with over 400 ERP projects in one aspect or another – and for clients in a variety of industries. Multiple certifications and employment with Oracle NetSuite, Lawson, Infor, Sage, Microsoft, Ross, Dassault and others led to an independent Software Selection Consulting Practice starting in 2011 and was the genesis of the Profit From ERP website, concept, methodology and ERPodcast. A 2018 Leading Writer for the tech side of the site Quora.com, Hammons has over 2.5m readers of all things ERP.

He is based in Cave Creek AZ, supporting clients nationally and internationally.

Previous Experience

1980’s – VP of Administration and turnaround specialist for bio-pharma companies from Florida through Arizona – affecting change through the application of technology and enterprise software improvements.

25 years experience – with some of the leading global publishers of business enterprise software.

Formal Education

MBA, Arizona State University, 2000.
BA Stephen F Austin State University, 1980.

President, Sales Executives International, Florida Chapter,1995 -1996. Phoenix Chapter 2001.
Certified Marketing Executive (CME) 1994.

Contact Information Info@profitfromerp.com

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