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The Covid Pandemic caused a slight pause in digital transformation and cloud technology adoption by businesses…then we packed two years’ conversion into the last two months!

The ERPodcast welcomes back Mark Lee, CPA and former Deloitte consultant to examine industry trends and cover RISK – especially the greatest risk, the RISK OF DOING NOTHING
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ERPodcast Episode 20, we’ve titled this episode Cloud ERP Explodes and DecisionPoint Digital – it’s a cloudstrike changing the way businesses are approaching the market, the tools, the reporting, the workflow, efficiencies – and if you’re not on board, well, it’s not a level playing field now is it?  That takes us to DecisionPoint Digital, the point where you make the decision to join the cloud revolution and the risks involved, including that ‘risk of doing nothing.’  It covers a lot but here’s what we know –


Recently, Forbes Magazine sponsored a webinar on Breakthrough Digital Transformation Stocks – the stock prices of companies that have boomed during the past few months with investors seeing the huge revenue spikes from customers hopping on the digital bandwagon –, Zoom, cloud ERP firms – even stories like Disney, they had to close the theme parks due to Covid – but because of their ability to pivot digitally, they were in a position to go to market in a expedited move with digital movie downloads a strategy that created revenue to more than cover the closed park losses –all those $200 admissions and $8 sodas they’re not selling – can your business pivot that quickly? It’ helps with fully digital platformed business tools…

We’re also seeing Cloud ERP companies showing 30% and 40% Growth rates. NetSuite partners are reporting record August 31st software sales closings.

So we continue to look at what we’re calling DecisionPoint Digital – when you make the decision to re-engergize your company to respond to a new economy. The end result is, if your business is ‘waiting to see’ how the new economy is shaking out, well, we’re beginning to see a digital steamroller and it’s headed your way. More on all this in today’s episode.

Gene Hammons, MBA

Gene Hammons, MBA


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