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Digital Transformation – the Case Studies – how, what and why the pandemic reset to Digital is saving companies and doubling revenue increases. Here’s concrete examples of companies who’s Digital approach is yielding early results. Along with who, how and what Digital Transformation can mean for your company.  


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e18 Digital Transformation Part Three - Case Studies

Digital Transformation – while once an aspirational IT goal, COVID 19 created an environment in many companies where Digital Transformation is survival itself

Digital Transformation Part Three sees us highlighting some of the first responders to the pandemic lockdown – the companies that sprang into action day two and determined ‘we’re not taking this laying down’. It’s mid-August and the results are rolling in. 

Last week, a LinkedIn study showed companies that attempted a digital response to the Covid Lockdown showed revenue growth of 2x that of the companies who adopted a ‘wait and see’ stance.  An amazing statistic unless you rephrase it. What that really says is that companies who invested in innovation and business process improvement saw results. It says companies who adapted their approach to the new reality did better in the new reality than those who didn’t attempt to adapt. It says companies who replaced outdated systems with the latest cloud-based digital software and refocused on customer interactions fared better than those who stuck to their ‘good enough’ systems.  

So this ‘2x revenue growth’ shouldn’t surprise anyone – it just makes sense. And with the baseline of companies hesitant to respond to the new marketplace we now find ourselves in, well, that’s a pretty low bar numerator to double. But these are still early returns.  

And here’s the stories of actual clients, restaurants, distributors, manufacturers, B2B and B2C businesses – all who adopted a Digital Transformation framework to innovate and prosper. 

While Profit From ERP’s selection consulting and moving to cloud based ERP is part of Digital Transformation and included within, Get Digital Velocity specializes in C-level strategic consulting on a digital approach to transform companies along with fractional CIO services to help companies elevate IT and technology approaches to meet the requirements of a changed world.

Today’s Interview
We go to the ends of the earth to bring you the stories to avoid in your journey through the world of ERP
Bhushan Parikh

Bhushan Parikh

Bhushan is Principal and Co-founder of Get Digital Velocity.  His specialty is delivering extraordinary business success on global platforms through digital transformation.

With over 30 years of experience with large Enterprises in multiple Industries, Bhushan has worked in a variety of roles including SVP IT, Operations, Supply Chain and Digital Transformation.  His previous employers include: Avnet, Johnson Controls, Johnson & Johnson, and Nike.

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