Acumatica, The Cloud ERP 

One of the early made-for-cloud ERP offerings – Acumatica –  has long been included in Profit From ERP client software evaluations. A favorite of consultants from it’s initial release, Acumatica has matured into a more feature rich offering and is winning more and more client selection processes.

The ERPodcast welcomes a new sponsor, Net at Work, an ERP and Technology leader with over 6,000 clients since 1996. Net at Work has been a go-to resource in Profit From ERP evaluations for their leading Sage x3 practice for several years, besides Sage, they offer NetSuite, Acumatica, HRMS, CRM and eCommerce   – all geared toward their tagline – Business Performance Unleashed.

About today’s ERPodcast

On today’s episode, we’re get to go behind the scenes with Net at Work – one of the nations’ leading ERP and technology firms and we’ll talk to Stuart Blumenthal, a friend of the program for 20+ years, although we didn’t actually start the ERPodcast until 24 months ago – but we’ve known Stuart since the turn of the century – back then he was a leader in the Sage channel of accounting and ERP software and he’s not slowed down since. Net at Work has HQ in New York as well as other locations all over the country – we’ll catch up with Stuart in Dallas today. Net at work has ERP practices in the Sage channel, NetSuite and now Acumatica. Of course we covered a great deal about Acumatica, the Cloud ERP in last week’s ERPodcast  – so you might want to go back and listen to that one first if you missed it – but today, Stuart will talk about what it takes to make a great implementation partner for getting started with Acumatica and what it takes, and how it works when ‘you do it right.’  Stay tuned after the interview we’ll get into how Profit From ERP and Stuart’s Net at Work Acumatica Practice works together to make sure you get everything you pay for out of your next ERP Project – it’s all here, on today’s episode of the ERPodcast

Stuart Blumenthal

Acumatica Practice Director

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