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There’s a lot of noise out there. Talk of technology hype, near misses, the new next-big-thing, and marketing fluff–which means a lot of unrealized dreams. Then, there’s the stories we live. Stories of profit and business achievement.

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This is where we talk about it. That means indepth examinations of a complex process; the transformation of your business. Whether it’s replacing an outgrown accounting software or complete digital transformation to touch-free customer interatcions, hear from the top industry voices and leading software providers.


When the Coronavirus closed offices and sent workforces into virtual lockdown, of course a cloud-based ERP like NetSuite was a definite advantage. But there was more to the story, as Oracle NetSuite’s Angela Kavanaugh reports from her portfolio of customers. “I’m so glad we’re at least on NetSuite” were common reactions in the early days of the pandemic.  While traditional technology-based offices were scrambling to roll out VPN’s and secure protocols to get workers back up and running, NetSuite users were rolling out business process changes to better connect and serve their customers.  This flexibility highlights the real power behind digital companies, uniquely positioned to react to a market none of us had seen coming.

With a PWC background before joining NetSuite, Angela also covers some interesting market research on how companies are re-purposing IT budgets to invest in better systems, convert to cloud and plan to come out of the Covid-19 shutdown stronger than when they went in.

 As we covered in a recent podcast, NetSuite is very popular in demos to prospective users.  But the real value of NetSuite isn’t initially apparent to many new users. It seems after a company has been on the platform for some time, customer satisfaction skyrockets as users become more familiar with all they can accomplish using NetSuite.  

Thus, Angela’s portfolio of existing NetSuite-based companies brings this veteran perspective to light as we learn how these companies faced an extremely challenging and rapidly changing marketplace.

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While marketing sings the praises of successful ERP implementations, they never really get behind the story of what drove that success. Never mind the 90% of the ERP projects they never report on at all. We go deeper with an unbiased look to find a story, the truth, and the process behind it all. We discuss how to make those stories yours. 
Gene Hammons, MBA

Gene Hammons, MBA


With 25 years in ERP, Gene brings his earlier experience in Management Consulting, Marketing and Journalism to help his clients achieve the change they’re seeking. Much like (but not in
nearly the same stratosphere) Peter Drucker, starting with the classical journalist approach to discovering the story of a company with zero preconceptions. We apply the lessons learned in over 400 ERP projects to help our customers drive success and Profit, From ERP.

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