Food and Beverage 60% of total practice billings since 2005 – 30+ years of Experience in FDA Regulated Manufacturing Environments – Small, Medium, Global projects – scaled to be affordable, effective and money-making (for the manufacturer) at each level – GFSI, SQF, BRC, and other protocol management – Brand Protection – Profitability Improvement – Cost Controls – ERP – CRM – WMS – Quality – Supply Chain – Mobile – Cloud

In today’s Food and Beverage environment, a simple Quality or HACCP binder is not enough – (unless the exit strategy of the owners involves an upcoming merger, sale, or takeover of the business). Automated, electronic documentation in inventory and finished goods traceability, quality records, maintenance and sanitation testing and trending have replaced paper checklists and file cabinets full of forms. Fortunately, the right systems in the right environments not only show a seriousness about food safety, they also cut labor costs, collection costs, and provide a more efficient, streamlined process. 

ERP for Food Industries

ERP Software can make or break a food producer – the single most important IT project your company will undertake in the next 5-7 years. 

Beat The Odds
Do you have the experience on staff to Beat the Odds? Because the odds are, ERP has an 80% failure rate if measured by cost, time and expected features – and the average cost overrun is 186%. 

So the question is, are you OK with almost double the budget you’d planned?  Is not getting what you expect fine for you? Is it important to get this project done in the next 6 months, or is a year or two good enough? Can you afford to select the wrong system? The biggest question is, do you have anyone on staff who’s been through 300+ software evaluations?  That’s the experience you need right now to make sure you’re using the best evaluation process. 

Can I Afford Expensive Consultants?
Any ERP system will need 30-120 days consulting time to implement and install.  We move 5-7 of those consulting days to the beginning of the project.  We then act as your agent – helping you through the entire process financed by agency discounts from the software vendors. Our entire process costs you nothing above your actual project budget. We’re revenue neutral, that is, with the exception of the 186% industry standard cost overrun you’ll avoid. 

Lessons Learned from 300+ Software Evaluations
Yes, you already have some fine talent on staff – probably a couple of guys who’ve been through one or two ERP selection/ implementation processes – amazingly that’s the same thing the other companies said – the guys who make up that 80% industry average failure rate. What if you had someone on staff with the experience of over 300 software implementations? We can tell you what’s critical to success – what the successful companies have done to avoid the missteps – what the leading companies are doing today.

ERP Food Safety Process

Food Safety and Quality Systems are driving improvements in F&B Manufacturing. While driven by GFSI, FSMA, and other regulatory pressures, the end result is automation that lowers the cost of each quality transaction – gathering data, filing and maintaining documentation, audit prep and unannounced audits. 

Sounds Expensive
There are a variety of programs, solutions and options for both the smaller operations as well as the global supply chain leaders. Using Cloud and Mobile technology, even smaller regional manufacturers can find affordable solutions that improve workflow in quality and food safety. 

We’re operating at bare bones now…
Of course, so is everyone else in the industry – the trick is to find the right solutions that actually reduce costs. It would seem paper quality checklists would represent the low cost option. However, that paper needs someone to fill it out, a review sign off, filing, retrieval – the labor costs start to add up. Converting to electronic forms can save you over half what you’re currently spending to maintain paper documentation.

Our Role
Working in conjunction with your quality consultants, quality department managers and staff, we review your operations onsite, recommend cost-effective software solutions and make sure your system is implemented, trained, and on-line to meet your project deadlines. We don’t certify your HACCP program, we make sure your software and systems achieve the goals of your HACCP program – we’re your software experts, not your food safety consultant. 

Te real trick to a successful project is aligning incentives.  You’ll find that out if your workers incentives aren’t aligned with using your new software.  So how do we align incentives for our customers, the food manufacturers?

  • We make sure our customers end up with what they expect, useable software systems at the expected price
  • We shift some costs from the implementation to the evaluation, but never increase the overall budget
  • We utilize finders fees, referral fees and partner agreements from software companies to cover our costs
  • We bring the software companies ready customers, working on realistic project timetables with solid project management

It’s designed for everyone to win.  That’s our value to our customers – as you can see, we’ve already been working for years to save you money – contact us today and we’ll really go to work.