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NetSuite for Pharma/Life Sciences



It’s the next generation of Profit From ERP for Pharma, Life Sciences, BioTech, and Medical Device


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So a few years back, around 2014 NetSuite started becoming very popular in the ERP industry – as the first made for cloud ERP.   And through our software consulting practice, we did dozens of ERP evaluation projects – analyzing the client company requirements, bringing in the usual ERP suspects – ummm I mean vendors, doing demos and really kicking the tires.


More times than not, NetSuite would be the client’s first choice.  It was clear that the ERP world had changed, and more than anything else, NetSuite was driving that change –  – – in an attempt to compete, the rest of the ERP world reacted – So much so, that today, you can’t find an ERP  program that’s not offered in a cloud version – which is not the same as made for cloud, but it demonstrated the ERP industries’ response to the popularity of NetSuite.


The truth is, there are reasons different ERP systems were first developed. Some were developed to run on an IBM AS/400 Server, a solid machine in it’s day.  Some were developed with an idea to utilize the latest Windows 32 bit technology. NetSuite was written to take advantage of cloud technology – made for cloud.


And while there may be a few AS/400’s still running somewhere and 64 bit replaced 32 bit – the cloud is still with us – it’s an internet world.


So with a modern software architecture designed for today’s technology, with our clients evaluating ERP, NetSuite was more often than not, the top choice.


We had clients in everything from professional sports teams to services and engineer to order companies and the list goes on.


Only NetSuite wouldn’t work in the pharma and life sciences industries for a couple of reasons… and we were still having to use older, more established, and more expensive ERP solutions for those clients….until just recently.


We were able to pioneer a strategy to use NetSuite with Contract Manufacturing pharma groups – closely integrating to outside vendors to monitor the supply chain – but last year, some real development in validation protocols has opened up an entire new options. We’re able to deploy Netsuite in pharma, but also life sciences, BioTech, medical devices – – –


And that opens up some new cost saving options and productivity drivers that are especially welcome in emerging Life Sciences companies – it’s a whole new world


We took some Contract Manufacturing companies onto the NetSuite platform in late 2017 – it was kind of lonely in that space  at first– but the results were great for our client companies.


2018 saw NetSuite has opening up in full blown pharma manufacturing environments


Today will talk with one of the leading innovators using NetSuite in the life sciences industries, Mike Kelly.  Mike was behind one of the leading NetSuite resellers in Southern California, a firm called Tactical Cloud – which recently joined Eide Bailly – our podcast sponsor.


We’ll talk to Mike and get a handle on what’s going on in the world of Life Sciences and the expansion of NetSuite as whole new industry verticals move into Profit…From ERP










Today’s Podcast is being brought to you, in more ways than one, By Eide Bailly Technology, a division of Eide Bailly CPA.


You know, Eide Bailly has a 100 year history –  and while the technology division is somewhat newer – you don’t get to be a 100 year old company without some solid management excellence.


And that excellence is what they bring to the NetSuite practice.


Growing the practice both organically and through acquisition, Eide Bailly has already developed a history of ERP excellence – people I knew and worked with back in 2001 – they were ERP leaders then, and today, they’re heading up major Eide Bailly departments and divisions. That’s the approach to building a lasting technology consulting practice.


So NetSuite, Salesforce, Sage, Microsoft –  you find solid value with Eide Bailly.


It’s what has made Eide Bailly a worldwide leading partner and here’s the thing with ERP, the more ERP projects you do, the better you get – better at creating realistic estimates so you don’t end up with huge cost overruns. Better at project management so an ERP implementation that’s by definition, disruptive goes as smoothly and drama free – because of the way it’s managed.


Today we’ll meet another leading team that’s come to the Eide Bailly Technology group – but that’s what it’s all about – the excellence you want, the experience you need when it comes to ERP.


Eide Bailly Technology – You know NetSuite doesn’t absolutely fit every company everywhere – but when NetSuite is the right ERP, Eide Bailly is the right partner.  Eide Bailly – that’s E I D E    B A I LL



















Now back to today’s podcast – we go to the phones and catch up with Mark Kelly – the creator of one of the strongest NetSuite partner practices in Southern California now Heading up Eide Bailly Technology SoCal.


(Phone Interview – Mike Kelly CPA)



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Special Thanks to our guest Michael Kelly and all guests here on the ERPodcast receive complementary gratitude and thanks, as well as admiration for their contributions to the body of knowledge that brings all of our clients, Profit From ERP.


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