How ERP Software Consulting Can Grow Profit 5%-12%

The Enterprise Software Challenge….

80% of all Enterprise Software projects fail when measured by budget, expected features and time to go-live. Outsourcing ERP software consulting can change that failure to success that can be measured. Properly implementing ERP software will typically grow business bottom lines anywhere from five to twelve percent. 92% of the projects we handle come in on-time, on-budget – and exceed the expected ROI. Better yet, we shift the cost of our billable hours to the guys causing the 80% failure rate, the software vendors. 

It’s not smoke and mirrors – it’s the experience gained in over 300 software evaluations – experience that takes the common elements of the successful companies and focusing on those practices while avoiding the buying mistakes common to less-than-stellar projects. 

You’re not buying commodities here, you’re determining the effectiveness of your business for the next 5 to 7 years. You need to do this right, and you need experienced talent on your side of the table if you hope to beat the 80% odds of failure. That’s the role of the software agency – guiding you with experience, advice, and in-depth industry knowledge, based on actual implementations.

Regardless of the software you run or the business you’re in….

We all depend on technology – some  great, some not-so-much – but its how we get it done today  – Question is, is it good enough to remain competitive tomorrow?
It’s a Jungle out there…massive marketing spin, promises made and deadlines unkept, budgets busted and software that just doesn’t live up to the demo…So what are you going to do?
After decades in the business and working with dozens of software providers and hundreds of client companies, I’ve made a career out of examining what works, what doesn’t and how to deliver technology projects that live up to their billing.

Integrity in Consulting

The proof of the sincerity and seriousness of a management is uncompromising emphasis on integrity of character…the people with whom a person works will know in a short while whether he has integrity or not…and while they will forgive much…they will not forgive a lack of integrity. Nor will they forgive higher management for choosing him.
Peter Drucker
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