Update to the UPDATE June 2020 Quora Views, 2.3m, Top Writer ERP, Top Writer three related categories. 


UPDATE – June 2018 – 750,500 Views Logged from Quora Readers worldwide with active engagements from Quora researchers in Asia, EU, US and Canada. 

Quora.com is a website where anyone can ask a subject matter expert anything – lately, lots of questions regarding ERP software have been coming my way. And while it seemed like a lot of folks were asking a lot of questions – it’s not too much trouble to bang out a quick reply – even if some of the questions seem like a college student trying to get a term paper written the easy way – by someone else.

Besides being a Top Writer in ERP, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, SAP, Oracle and others, a few months ago I won the Top Writers 2018 designation (there’s a few of us – I think probably a few hundred on a variety of topics – it’s really not common to earn ‘Top Writer’ with a niche such as ERP software – generalists often have a larger audience probability).

In any case, nice award.

And there’s several ‘Most Viewed” categories where my answers do well. In all, nearly 25,000 views per month are going on – but now it’s time to change the focus from Quora to ProfitFromERP.com.

Screenshot from actual Quora website:

So being at the top of the list gets a lot of questions posed. And posing a lot of questions gets you to the top of the list.

​Now if I just had a nickel for each of these 700k views….

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